Lesser God (Lawful Good)
Bahamut, revered by good dragons, is stern and disapproving of evil, but kind and helpful to the downtrodden and dispossessed. He teaches his followers to strive against evil wherever they can, and to help others become strong enough to resist evil by themselves. He appears as a long, sinuous dragon with platinum scales and catlike eyes of shifting colors.

Portfolio: Good dragons, wind.
Domains: Air, Cold, Good, Luck, Protection
Cleric Training: Bahamut's few nondragon clerics learn the Platinum Dragon's teachings at the foot of a dragon, usually an older gold or silver dragon in humanoid form. The relationship is one of teacher and student, with the duo typically traveling to see the effects of injustice and cruelty firsthand.
Quests: Wherever honest folk struggle under the yoke of oppression, Bahamut's followers are found, striving to protect the righteous from evil. Sometimes worshipers of Bahamut wear their affiliation proudly, charging into battle with the Platinum Dragon as their standard. Just as often, however, the worshipers work undercover and behind the scenes. Common missions include rescuing a village from a rapacious warlord, breaking up a cabal of foul necromancers, or riding at the vanguard of an army that assaults the gates of Hell itself.
Prayers: Many of Bahamut's proverbs take the form "To [action] is [assessment]." For example, "To oversleep is folly," or "To smite evil is laudable."
Temples: Temples to Bahamut are almost all shrines within the current or former lairs of dragons. They're good places to go to ask about ancient lore or get something translated from Draconic—but they're often in remote, forbidding places. When your fellow worshipers are all dragons, you needn't bother with elaborate temple defenses.
Rites: Bahamut's worshipers often celebrate believers who enter some new stage in their life: starting a business venture, becoming a soldier, getting married, and so forth.
Herald and Allies: Bahamut generally sends an old or older gold dragon as his herald. Allies are hound archons, trumpet archons, and planetars.
Relics: Gauntlet of the talon, platinum helm.



Favored Weapon

Bite or Heavy Pick

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