Greater God (Neutral)
Boccob is a distant deity who promotes no special agenda in the world of mortals. As a god of magic and knowledge, he is worshiped by wizards, sorcerers, and sages. His titles include the Uncaring, Lord of All Magics, and Archmage of the Deities.

Portfolio: Magic, knowledge
Domains: Knowledge, Magic, Mind, Oracle, Trickery.
Cleric Training: Boccob's clerics are alert for signs of magical aptitude among youngsters, and they offer education to any youth they deem worthy of the privilege, whether noble or commoner. Clerics of Boccob almost always learn their prayers and sacraments in a classroom at a major temple-college.
Quests: Anything that involves powerful magic involves the followers of Boccob. Creating or destroying artifacts, uncovering new kinds of magic, and traveling the Outer Planes are all common quests. A follower of Boccob might rescue a sorcerer captured by bugbears, brave a ruin to retrieve an ancient spellbook, or break up a cult of ur-priests seeking to cut off magic power to all but themselves.
Prayers: Prayers to Boccob have remarkably florid language. One common one begins, "Hail and I greet you, Boccob, Master of Magic, All-Seeing, All-Potent Revealer of Mysteries Beyond Compare, Whose Perspicacity knows no boundaries, most puissant protector of the eldritch realms, both known and unknown…"
Temples: Boccob favors tall, round towers for his temples. Almost all have colleges for the study of both divine and arcane magic, and visitors are as likely to meet wizards as clerics inside. Most Boccob temples provide magic item identification and a number of divinations to the public.
Rites: Boccob's followers celebrate powerful magic in all its forms, performing ceremonies when a magic item is made or a new spell discovered. Many high-level followers make pilgrimages to other planes to see magic in action.
Herald and Allies: On the rare occasions when Boccob deigns to use a herald, it's almost always a 20th-level wizard. Allies are janni genies, invisible stalkers, and Huge elementals (any kind).
Relics: Rod of reversal, tome of ancient lore.



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