Intermediate God (Lawful Evil)
Kurtulmak is a savage deity who teaches the kobolds to defend themselves and assault the unwary by any means necessary, including the traps of which he's fond. He appears as a particularly massive, green-and-black kobold. He has a particular hatred for gnomes.

Portfolio: Kobolds, traps
Domains: Evil, Law, Luck, Trickery.
Cleric Training: Kurtulmak insists that his clerics train under military discipline, learning doctrines for setting ambushes, building defenses, and otherwise defending the kobold people. The final test for a would-be cleric is to survive a run down a corridor filled with deadly traps.
Quests: Anything that enhances the stature of the kobolds is a boon to Kurtulmak. Collapsing a series of gnome burrows, convincing a dragon to live among a kobold tribe, and building a trap-filled set of kobold warrens are all typical quests.
Prayers: Many of Kurtulmak's prayers reference dragons and reptiles, such as "O Watcher, I slither before your scaly majesty."
Temples: Kurtulmak's temples are claustrophobic warrens bristling with traps, but they often have
the accumulated wealth of a kobold community in their treasury.
Rites: Kurtulmak blesses births and honors deaths, but his ceremonies often feature a simulated or actual trap. Kobold youths, for example, contend with the Blessing of the Pit as a rite of passage.
Herald and Allies: Kurtulmak uses an 18-HD erinyes with reptilian features as a herald. Allies are bearded devils, erinyes, and ice devils.
Relics: Enveloping pit, skewer-of-gnomes.



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