Intermediate Goddess (Chaotic Evil)
Lolth, the Queen of the Demonweb Pits, first spread evil among the elves, leading the drow away from the rest of the elves thousands of years ago. Now she focuses on using the drow to conquer the vast cavern-realms beneath the surface of the earth. She relishes the chance to test her followers by pitting them against each other that the strong may cull out the weak. She appears as a tall, beautiful female drow or a massive black spider with a female drow's head.

Portfolio: Drow, spiders, darkness.
Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Trickery.
Cleric Training: More so than any other deity, Lolth delights in perpetual tests of her exclusively female clerics, pitting them against each other. Every cleric of Lolth knows that the path to promotion lies by stabbing ones; superior in the back, and every cleric is likewise alert that her underlings are plotting to do the same to her.
Quests: Lolth has set her worshipers the task of conquering the vast network of underground caverns—and killing surface elves, of course. Typical quests include attacking a rival drow community, raiding a mind flayer lair for its magic, and building an artifact that turns surface elves into spiders.
Prayers: Prayers to Lolth, always made in Elvish, frequently feature the phrase, "Elliya Lolthu," which means "Test me, Lolth."
Temples: Lolth's temples among the drow generally dominate (in every sense of the word) the communities that surround them. These temples are extraordinarily defended by capable and clever spider-worshipers, but also serve as storehouses of dark lore and powerful magic.
Rites: Lolth uses a number of competitive rites to identify particularly worthy followers. Those who succeed in her rites—which involve competitive spellcasting or all-out combat—get access to more powerful magic. Those who fail are demoted, killed, or turned into driders.
Herald and Allies: A bebilith with 18 HD is a common herald for Lolth. Allies are succubus demons, bebilith demons, and marilith demons.
Relics: Robe of ebonsilk, rod of the recluse.



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