Greater God (Neutral Evil)
Nerull is the patron of those who seek the greatest evil for their own enjoyment or gain. His worshipers, who include evil necromancers and rogues, depict him as an almost skeletal cloaked figure who bears a scythe. He is known as the Reaper, the Foe of All Good, Hater of Life, Bringer of Darkness, King of All Gloom, and Reaper of Flesh.

Portfolio: Death, murder, the underworld.
Domains: Death, Evil, Pestilence, Trickery.
Cleric Training: Some are obsessed with death, even as children, and those are potential recruits to the clergy of Nerull. All must survive the final initiation rite: being buried alive.
Quests: Nerull's followers desecrate ancient tombs looking for lost lore, establish cults to provide willing food for vampires, and raise undead armies to terrify the world of the living.
Prayers: Much of Nerull's liturgy is spoken in the past tense, even if it hasn't happened yet. For example, a cleric of Nerull might pray, "You granted me ultimate dominion over the dead…"
Temples: Nerull's temples are generally secret places hidden underground and crawling with undead. For unscrupulous adventurers who can stomach Nerull's hatred of the living, they're good places for "no questions asked" raise dead spells.
Rites: Nerull finds little worth celebrating, other than death. The number of different funeral rites Nerull has, depending on who died and how, is staggering.
Herald and Allies: Nerull uses a nightwalker as his herald on the Material Plane. Allies are shadow mastiffs, average salamanders, and cauchemar nightmares.
Relics: Censer of the last breath, tabard of the disembodied.



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