Intermediate God (Chaotic Neutral)
Olidammara delights in wine, women, and song. He is a vagabond, a prankster, and a master of disguise. His temples are few, but many people are willing to raise a glass in his honor. Rogues and bards are frequently among his worshipers. His title is the Laughing Rogue.

Portfolio: Rogues, music, revelry, tricks.
Domains: Celerity, Chaos, Luck, Mind, Trickery.
Cleric Training: Becoming a cleric of Olidammara seems easy enough to an outsider—it looks like one celebration and escapade after another. But would-be clerics are being keenly observed even in their least sober moments as more senior followers of the Laughing God look for the right mixture of joy, whimsy, and mischief. *Quests: Missions that steal from the rich or embarrass the mighty are the headiest wine of all. Followers of Olidammara might engage in intrigues at the Duke's masquerade ball, steal offerings from the temple of a rival deity, or rescue a world-spanning thief from a prison on the plane of Pandemonium.
Prayers: Olidammara's prayers are more often sung than spoken, and they almost always rhyme. There are very few established liturgies, because Olidammara's worshipers are expected to freestyle-rhyme praises to their deity.
Temples: Simple shrines to Olidammara are common in concert halls and public houses. However, the larger temples are hidden (often in the city's sewer network), because they double as a hideout for thieves. Those who know where a temple to Olidammara is can buy or sell all sorts of stolen or forbidden goods there.
Rites: Olidammara's rites range from the simple (the Ceremony of the Cork, practiced when a particularly good bottle of wine is opened) to the elaborate (New Moon Follies, a three-act comedy performed by and for Olidammara worshipers). Most feature alcohol, song, and laughter.
Herald and Allies: A 24-HD death slaad is Olidammara's herald, although it rarely takes its true form. Allies are janni genies, gray slaads, and death slaads.
Relics: Pipes of amorous revelry, rapier of desperate measures.



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