Lesser God (Neutral Evil)
Vecna rules that which is not meant to be known and that which people wish to keep secret. He usually appears as a lich who is missing his left hand and left eye. He lost his hand and eye in a fight with his traitorous lieutenant, Kas. He is known as the Maimed Lord, the Whispered One, and the Master of All That Is Secret and Hidden.

Portfolio: Secrets, intrigue.
Domains: Evil, Knowledge, Madness, Magic.
Cleric Training: New clerics of Vecna are so carefully groomed that they often don't know what they're being trained for. Many think that they're joining an obscure sect of Boccob or Wee Jas. The truth revealed to them only after they've proved their willingness to do anything in exchange for power and knowledge.
Quests: Vecna's followers spy on the merchant-princes of a port city, blackmail the high priests of other religions, and encourage corruption among the king's advisors. Periodic attempts to recover the Eye and Hand of Vecna are common as well.
Prayers: Vecna's worshipers always whisper their prayers. Many clerics reflexively start sentences with the phrase, "You know that…," which figures prominently in their psalms as well.
Temples: When secrets are your portfolio, you naturally don't have public temples. But those who know the secret location of Vecna's temples find them to be good sources for death magic, and (especially) divinations.
Rites: Vecna's rites are never performed in front of those of other faiths, and the Maimed One's followers often establish secret passwords and hidden shrines for particularly important ceremonies.
Herald and Allies: Vecna uses a lich 15th-level wizard as his herald—but rarely for anything truly important. After his experiences with his traitorous lieutenant, Kas, Vecna doesn't give his subordinates enough power to become rivals. Allies are nightmares, erinyes devils, and noble salamanders.
Relics: Dagger of denial, tome of the stilled tongue. Though not exactly relics, the artifacts known as the Eye and Hand of Vecna (described in the Dungeon Master's Guide) are of paramount importance to his worshipers.



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