Wee Jas

Intermediate Goddess (Lawful Neutral)
Wee Jas is a demanding goddess who expects obedience from her followers. Her temples are few and far between, but she counts many powerful sorcerers and wizards (especially necromancers) among her worshipers. Her titles are Witch Goddess, Ruby Sorceress, Stern Lady, and Death's Guardian.

Portfolio: Death, magic, vanity.
Domains: Death, Domination, Law, Magic, Mind.
Cleric Training: Wee Jas trains her clerics in academic fashion, offering classroom instruction punctuated by increasingly difficult examinations. Her academies are not unlike boarding schools, where small infractions of grooming and uniform regulations are punished with a system of demerits.
Quests: The followers of Wee Jas are fascinated with magic, especially magic that breaks the boundary between death and life. Rebuilding a plundered tomb, resurrecting an ancient sage, and braving Limbo to ask questions of a long-dead wizard are the sorts of quests the Ruby Goddess
Prayers: More so than most deities, Wee Jas venerates a series of deceased "honored ancestors." Worshipers rarely speak of the will of Wee Jas, instead attributing commandments to ancestors such as "Yag the Many-Eyed Traveler says…" or "Grant me the calm of Queen Ochtho XIV…"
Temples: Wee Jas's temples are covered with funerary trappings, and many have shrines and catacombs where powerful spellcasters are buried—sometimes with a spellbook, staff, or magic regalia. The Wee Jas clergy casts spells on behalf of anyone not obviously opposed to Wee Jas's alignment or agenda, but they often demand service or information in addition to a donation to their
Rites: Funerals are obviously important rites to Wee Jas followers. In addition, many followers have monthly Rites of Accumulated Lore, where clergy or lay leaders read aloud from musty tomes about magic, ancient history, or other esoteric topics.
Herald and Allies: An 18th-level githzerai sorcerer is a common herald for Wee Jas. Allies are formian taskmasters, formian myrmarchs, and horned devils.
Relics: Ruby blade, scrolls of uncertain provenance.



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