Greater Goddess (Lawful Good)
Yondalla is the creator and protector of the halfling race. She espouses harmony within the halfling race and stalwart defense against their enemies. Her followers hope to lead safe, prosperous lives by following her guidance. Her titles include the Protector and Provider, the Nurturing Matriarch, and the Blessed One.

Portfolio: Halflings, explorers.
Domains: Community, Creation, Good, Law, Protection.
Cleric Training: Yondalla's clerics train new followers by borrowing a wagon from a halfling caravan, then "borrowing" the would-be clerics from their families for a month or two. The cleric and her disciples then wander the back roads of the land, seeking sights that none of the pilgrims—teacher and students alike—have ever seen before.
Quests: The safety of the halfling people is Yondalla's first concern, but she's eager to chart new territory for halfling caravans to visit. Her followers act as guards and guides for caravans and trading companies, capture the raiders that plague the highways, and lead expeditions to unexplored lands.
Prayers: Yondalla's prayers are models of understatement. A prayer for healing might begin, "I am in such fine health, yet…" and a prayer for intercession might begin, "A minor annoyance is visited upon me…"
Temples: Yondalla's temples are gathering places for the halfling population, which is otherwise seminomadic. They're storehouses of food, weapons, and everything else needed to equip a caravan for a long journey. They'll help a halfling in need, and her nonhalfling friends as well, if they seem trustworthy.
Rites: Yondalla's rites center around family and community, with weddings having particularly elaborate and joyous ceremonies. When a halfling caravan pulls into a town near harvest time, it's a sure bet that Yondalla's worshipers plan to hold a carnivallike Pageant of the First Fruit.
Herald and Allies: Yondalla uses an 18-HD trumpet archon that resembles a halfling as her herald. Allies are hound archons, astral devas, and planetars.
Relics: Cornucopia of the needful, map of unseen land.



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