Pierce Magical Concealment

( Complete Arcane, p. 81)


You ignore the miss chance provided by certain magical effects.


Blind-Fight (PH) , Mage Slayer (CAr) , CON 13,


Your fierce contempt for magic allows you to disregard the miss chance granted by spells or spell-like abilities such as darkness, blur, invisibility, obscuring mist, ghostform (see page 109), and spells when used to create concealment effects (such as a wizard using permanent image to fill a corridor with illusory fire and smoke). In addition, when facing a creature protected by mirror image, you can immediately pick out the real creature from its figments. Your ability to ignore the miss chance granted by magical concealment doesn't grant you any ability to ignore nonmagical concealment (so you would still have a 20% miss chance against an invisible creature hiding in fog, for example).


Taking this feat reduces your caster level for all your spells and spell-like abilities by 4.

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