Earth Bloodline

( Dragon Compendium)


You are descended from a creature of elemental earth. Your heritage probably stems from one of the humanoid-shaped beings from the Elemental Plane of Earth, although elemental earth creatures native to the Material Plane can contribute this bloodline as well. Regardless of the exact earth creature in your ancestry, you probably have a hardy, solid-looking body and dark coloration, and you might even exude an earthy smell.

Stone giants produce long, lean descendants who tend to be shy but playful. The progeny of earth mephits are generally stubborn, while those of salt mephits are often gifted with a sarcastic wit. Characters with gargoyle blood tend to be territorial and prone to violence, especially when it comes to protecting what is theirs.

Some would say that sorcerers with the Earth Bloodline feat are unchanging, but this assessment is not entirely true. Rather, they are slow to change—not to mention tough, determined, and unwavering in their goals. They generally enjoy being underground, so they like to delve into dungeons and other subterranean locales.


Ability to cast arcane spells without preparation,

Required for

Friend of the Earth (DC) ,


Your ancestry gives you a bonus spell known at each spell level, starting at 1st, according to the following list.
1st—Enlarge person
3rd—Keen edge
4th—Stone shape
5th—Transmute mud to rock
6th—Move earth
9th—Summon monster IX (elementals and outsiders with the earth subtype only)


If a character takes this feat any time after 1st level and has already learned any of the spells on this list in the class that granted her access to this feat, she gains no additional spells known at those spell levels. This restriction does not apply if she learned any of these spells as a member of another spellcasting class.

Characters with this feat cannot learn or cast spells with the air descriptor, and all such spells are removed from the spell lists of all their spellcasting classes.

A character may choose only one base bloodline feat.

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