Ritual Blood Bonds

( Player's Handbook II, p. 86)


You invest your allies with the mighty power of your totem, god, or similar divine entity. These rituals allow you to forge bonds between warriors that stand the test of combat.


Knowledge (religion) 4 ranks, Orc or half-orc,


You gain access to rituals based on your total ranks in Knowledge (religion).

Blood Brothers (Knowledge [religion] 4 ranks): You gather up to six of your allies together in a circle. Each member of this circle pledges allegiance to the others, cuts himself, and bleeds into a bowl containing holy water or unholy water (as appropriate to your alignment). You then sprinkle this mixture on yourself and the members of the circle. You and everyone else who participated in this ritual gains a +4 morale bonus on Will saves against fear as long as each individual can see one other ally who took part in this ritual. This ritual requires 10 minutes of incantation and a vial of holy water or unholy water. Its effect lasts for 24 hours.

Vengeful Bonds of Brotherhood (Knowledge [religion] 8 ranks): You create a close, mystical bond between you and your allies. Up to six individuals can participate with you in this ritual. Each participant cuts his hand. Everyone in the ritual then clasps hands in a circle while you stand in the middle. You speak a prayer while sprinkling holy or unholy water on each participant. This ritual grants a benefit to its participants (including you) when an ally falls in battle. If an individual who participated in this ritual sees another participant drop to 0 or fewer hit points due to an opponent's actions, he gains a +2 morale bonus on attack rolls against the foe who dropped his ally. The benefit lasts for 1 minute every time it is triggered. You can gain this bonus against multiple foes during the duration of the effect. This ritual requires 10 minutes of incantation, a vial of holy water or unholy water, and silver dust worth 10 gp. The ritual's benefits lasts for 24 hours.

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