Point Blank Shot

( Player's Handbook v.3.5, p. 98)

[Fighter Bonus Feat, General]

You are skilled at making well-placed shots with ranged weapons at close range.


Required for

Aquatic Shot (SW) , Cobalt Precision (MoI) , Combat Archery (CW) , Combat Archery (ELH) , Coordinated Shot (HB) , Deadeye Shot (PH2) , Defensive Archery (RW) , Distant Shot (ELH) , Far Shot (PH) , Fell Shot (Psi) , Fell Shot (XPH) , Greater Manyshot (XPH) , Greater Psionic Shot (XPH) , Improved Arrow of Death (ELH) , Improved Manyshot (ELH) , Improved Precise Shot (PH) , Improved Rapid Shot (CW) , Manyshot (ELH) , Manyshot (PH) , Penetrating Shot (PH2) , Precise Shot (PH) , Psionic Shot (Psi) , Psionic Shot (XPH) , Ranged Disarm (CW) , Ranged Pin (CW) , Ranged Recall (CM) , Ranged Sunder (CW) , Rapid Shot (PH) , Ready Shot (HB) , Return Shot (Psi) , Return Shot (XPH) , Sharp-Shooting (CW) , Sharp-Shooting (DD) , Sharp-Shooting (SF) , Shot on the Run (PH) , Storm of Throws (ELH) , Swarm of Arrows (ELH) , Uncanny Accuracy (ELH) , Woodland Archer (RW) , Dead Eye (DC) , Tormtor School (DrU) , Xaniqos School (DrU) , Plunging Shot (HB) , Plunging Shot (RW) , Pinpoint Shot (Web 3.0) ,


You get a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls with ranged weapons at ranges of up to 30 feet.


A fighter may select Point Blank Shot as one of his fighter bonus feats (see page 38).

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