Heretic of the Faith

( Power of Faerûn, p. 46)


You stray significantly from the teachings of your faith.


Divine spellcasting ability, or Code of Conduct, Patron Deity,

Required for

Initiate of Amaunator (PF) ,


you can grossly violate your deities code of conduct, but not your class alignment restriction, without risk of loss of spells or class abilities. If you are a cleric, your alignment may be 2 steps away from your respective deity's alignment instead of just one. (in other words you can violate your deity's alignment restrictions 1 extra step.) You can gain levels without atoning (see the atonement spell description). However, you are in no way exempt from excommunication, or immune to divine retribution from your deity or his servants. In fact your actions invite the highest levels of scrutiny. If you have access to domains, you can exchange any one domain you have with another domain outside those normally availiable to your faith. The new domain must be consistant with the tenents of your heresy (as adjudicated by th DM). Likewise you can exchange your favored weapon and weapon of the deity (Mag) spell effect for another consistant with the tenents of your heresy (as adjudicated by the DM). Taking this feat automatically prompts a leadership check. All cohorts or followers who are members of your faith either agree to your heresy or are lost. Moreover upom your death you are judged one of the flase (P 250 FRCS) unless your deity specifically interfenes on your behalf with Kelemvor. Without the use of the Miracle or wish spell, this does not happen unless your heresies are adopted by the deity and the faith as a whole. It is theoretically possible that such intervention could occur long after your death, but such cases are vanishingly rare.


if you violate your deity's code of conduct, you risk losing spells and class abilities untill you atone (see the atonement spell description, and sins and penance, P 232 of FRCS).

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