( Sandstorm, p. 53)


You forge a link with a power-rich location, referred to as a touchstone site.


Knowledge (local) 8 ranks, for the area in which the touchstone lies, or possession of a touchstone key (a portable object native to the touchstone’s area and worth at least 250 gp). To forge a link between yourself and the touchstone, you must spend a day in meditation, spending 10 XP and 250 gp in material components. Alternatively, the key object for the touchstone can be destroyed as part of the ritual, in place of the material components.,


You gain the base ability associated with the touchstone to which you are linked. If you physically visit the location to which you have forged a link, you can also gain a higher-order ability with a limited number of uses, as described for that touchstone. You can swap sites any time you visit a new one and fulfill its higher-order recharge condition. See Touchstone Sites for more information.


You can take this feat more than once. Each time you do, you are able to retain one more touchstone site's base ability. You also gain the capacity to retain uses of one more touchstone's higher-order ability. Thus, by taking this feat twice, you could retain the base abilities for both the Shrine at Kahar and the Sunken City of Pazar simultaneously, as well as both sites' higher-order abilities and uses. If you then visit a third touchstone site and fulfill its recharge condition, unless you have taken this feat three times, you must choose which of your two previous touchstone site abilities to lose as you gain the abilities of the new touchstone site

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