Amber Amulet of Vermin (All)

Magic Item
(Magic Item Compendium, p. 68)

Body Slot: Throat
Caster Level: None
Aura: None;
Activation: Standard (command)
Weight: — lb.

This irregularly shaped piece of natural amber is fastened at the end of a long golden chain. Within the amber a tiny creature still seems to twitch.

This item summons a giant vermin that appears and obeys your commands for 1 minute (as if summoned by summon nature's ally). At the end of this duration, the creature vanishes. Eight varieties of the amber amulet of vermin exist (see the table for the details of each version). An amber amulet of vermin works once per day.

Vermin CL Aura Market Price (Item Level)
Giant Bee 7th Moderate (DC 17) 500 gp (3rd)
Giant Queen Ant 10th Moderate (DC 20) 700 gp (3rd)
Giant Praying Mantis 10th Moderate (DC 20) 700 gp (3rd)
Huge Monstrous Centipede 10th Moderate (DC 20) 700 gp (3rd)
Huge Monstrous Scorpian 10th Moderate (DC 20) 700 gp (3rd)
Large Monstrous Spider 10th Moderate (DC 20) 700 gp (3rd)
Giant Wasp 15th Strong (DC 22) 800 gp (3rd)
Giant Stag Beetle 19th Strong (DC 24) 1200 gp (4rd)

Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, giant vermin.

Cost to Create: Varies.

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