Eberron Campaign Setting

Eberron Campaign Setting Find Action Around Every Corner of the World

Grab your pack and leap into an action-packed, intrigue-laced world of cinematic adventure. Within the Eberron Campaign Setting, you'll discover a vast, richly detailed world infused with magic and waiting to be filled with daring escapades and dangerous exploits. Throw open the cover - and be ready for anything.

Inside this book, you'll find all the details you'll need to embark on Dungeons & Dragons adventures in the exciting world of Eberron:

* 4 new races: changeling, kalashtar, shifter, and warforged
* Over 70 new feats, 8 new prestige classes, and a new character class: the artificer
* New equipment, weapons, spells, and magic items
* New monsters and monster templates
* Highly detailed regions, new organizations, and a short adventure to launch your campaign

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