Weapon of the Deity

(Complete Divine, p. 188)

Level: Blackguard 4, Cleric 4, Paladin 4, Mysticism (CD) 4,
Components: V, DF,
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: 0 ft.
Target: One weapon you hold
Duration: 1 round/level

You must be using your deity's favored weapon to cast this spell. You may use the weapon as if you had proficiency with it even if you normally do not. The weapon gains a +1 enhancement bonus on attack and damage rolls and an additional special ability (see the list below). A double weapon gains this enhancement bonus and special ability for only one of its two heads, as chosen by the caster.

When you reach 9th caster level, the enhancement bonus of the weapon increases to +2. At 12th level, the bonus rises to +3, at 15th level it is +4, and at 18th level it is +5.

The list below includes deities from the core pantheon only, along with the five alignment components. If a cleric worshiping a different deity casts this spell, the DM should assign an appropriate special property of the same power level as those listed here.


Deity Weapon
Bahamut +1 frost heavy pick
Boccob +1 spell storing quarterstaff
Corellon Larethian +1 keen longsword
Ehlonna +1 frost longsword
Erythnul +1 mighty cleaving morningstar
Fharlanghn +1 defending quarterstaff
Garl Glittergold +1 throwing battleaxe
Gruumsh +1 returning shortspear
Heironeous +1 shock longsword
Hextor +1 mighty cleaving heavy flail
Kord +1 mighty cleaving greatsword
Kurtulmak +1 shock shortspear
Lolth +1 keen whip
Moradin +1 throwing warhammer
Nerull +1 keen scythe
Obad-Hai +1 defending quarterstaff
Olidammara +1 keen rapier
Pelor +1 flaming heavy mace
St. Cuthbert +1 mighty cleaving heavy mace
Vecna +1 frost dagger
Wee Jas dagger of venom
Tiamat +1 flaming heavy pick
Yondalla +1 defending short sword
Alignment Weapon
Good +1 frost warhammer
Evil +1 mighty cleaving light flail
Neutral +1 defending heavy mace
Law +1 flaming longsword
Chaos +1 shock battleaxe

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