Blast Rod

(Magic of Eberron, p. 94)

Level: Artificer 3,
Components: S, AF,
Casting Time: 1 minute
Range: Touch
Target: Rod touched
Duration: 10 minutes/level
Saving Throw: None (object)
Spell Resistance: Yes

You store energy within a rod, then unleash it in rays of destructive power. The blast rod can deal a total of 1d8 points of damage per caster level (maximum 10d8), either focused into a single blast or divided up among multiple blasts.

To use the rod, you designate how many dice of damage you wish to release, then make a ranged touch attack as a standard action against any target within 60 feet. Regardless of whether the attack hits or not, the damage dice you specified are subtracted from the total stored in the rod.

Focus: The rod to be infused.

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