Garl Glittergold

Greater God (Neutral Good)
Garl Glittergold discovered the gnomes and led them into the world. Since then, he has been their protector. He governs humor, wit, gemcutting, and jewelrymaking. He is renowned for the jokes and pranks he pulls on other deities, though not all his victims laugh off his jests. Garl once collapsed the cavern of Kurtulmak, the god of the kobolds. Since then, the two deities have been sworn enemies. He is known as the Joker, the Watchful Protector, the Priceless Gem, and the Sparkling Wit.

Portfolio: Gnomes, humor, gemcutting.
Domains: Community, Creation, Good, Protection, Trickery.
Cleric Training: Most of Garl Glittergold's rituals involve the whole community, so his clerics have plenty of opportunities to recruit those who show a particular combination of duty to community and mischievous humor. An older cleric typically teaches three or four students by example, explaining Garl Glittergold's ways as he attends to the needs of the gnomes in his care.
Quests: Followers of Garl Glittergold find themselves guarding the welfare of gnome communities, delving deep for gems, and fighting the goblinoid enemies of the race. Typical quests include battling a tribe of kobold raiders, pulling a good-natured prank on an arrogant human king, and seeking the long-lost Ebondark Gem Mine on the Elemental Plane of Earth.
Prayers: Many of Garl Glittergold's prayers are performed call-and-response style, with the leader posing a riddle and everyone answering it in unison. "Glittergold asks: What is our joy?/To delve for treasures and guard our hearth."
Temples: Garl Glittergold's temples take the form of unassuming, often magically hidden shrines and chapels. Many are underground. The temple clergy are usually eager to help a traveling gnome any way they can.
Rites: The ceremonies of Garl Glittergold are flashy affairs full of illusion and mystery, often attracting curious gnomes from miles around. Most rites extol the gnome virtues of cleverness and craftsmanship—blessing a masterwork item, a new gem mine, or the top students in a school are common.
Herald and Allies: The heralds of Garl Glittergold are 20th-level celestial gnome bards. Allies are bralani eladrins, leonal guardinals, and elder xorns.
Relics: Gem of the glitterdepth, hooked hammer of the hearthfire.



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