Greater God (Chaotic Evil)
Gruumsh calls on his followers to be strong, to cull the weak from their numbers, and to take all the territory that Gruumsh thinks is rightfully theirs (which is almost everything). He harbors a special hatred for Corellon Larethian, Moradin, and their followers. In ages past, Corellon Larethian put out Gruumsh's left eye in a fight. His titles are One-Eye and He— Who-Never-Sleeps.

Portfolio: Orcs, war, territory.
Domains: Chaos, Domination, Evil, Strength, War.
Cleric Training: Most orc warbands have a cleric of Gruumsh attached to them, and sometimes she'll "adopt" a soldier, passing on the teachings of Gruumsh while the army is on the march. At some point, generally during a major battle, the student-soldier graduates by casting his first spell.
Quests: Followers of Gruumsh feel they have a duty to direct and organize the natural proclivity of orcs for warfare. They'll hunt down elves in their forest homes, encourage tribal chieftains to sack human cities, and act as emissaries to the goblinoid tribes that often join their great hordes.
Prayers: Every single known prayer to Gruumsh begins with "Kharg-hark," the Orcish word for "revenge," even if the prayer is not related to vengeance.
Temples: Gruumsh's temples are essentially military camps with as many fighters and barbarians as clerics. The largest temples feature gladiatorial arenas where wagering is common and the best gladiators can earn great treasure.
Rites: The most famous rite in Gruumsh-worship is the Ritual of the Poles. After a battle, orcs mark their new territory by pounding longspears into the ground at the boundary, point up. Placed on each spear-point is the head of a fallen foe.
Herald and Allies: Gruumsh sends 20th-level fiendish orc barbarians to the Material Plane as his heralds. Allies are flamebrother salamanders, hezrou demons, and marilith demons.
Relics: Shield of the severed hand, spear of retribution.



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