Intermediate God (Lawful Good)
Heironeous promotes justice, valor, chivalry, and honor. He is worshiped by paladins, good fighters, and good monks. His archenemy is Hextor, his half-brother. His title is the Invincible.

Portfolio: Valor, chivalry, war, daring.
Domains: Glory, Good, Inquisition, Law, War.
Cleric Training: Many of Heironeous's clerics begin their training as pages to a cleric or paladin of Heironeous, absorbing the code of chivalry as they see it lived before their very eyes. Pages that show promise become squires, then full-fl edged clerics.
Quests: The traditional chivalric quests are the bread and butter of a follower of Heironeous. They joust against the mysterious Black Knight, rescue the princess from the dragon, and lead the vanguard of a shining army of good.
Prayers: Many of Heironeous's teachings are collected in a series of numbered analects, which worshipers are fond of quoting: "The 34th Analect states, ‘Never die easy; strive always for a valorous end.' "
Temples: A typical temple to Heironeous looks like a fortified castle. Most feature a large, grassy area where knights can joust and soldiers can drill. Most temples provide healing and other spellcasting for those fighting the forces of evil.
Rites: Heironeous's followers are eager to recognize bravery, chivalry, and other battlefield virtues in a ceremony that culminates in a medal or other decoration given from the clergy to a warrior—sometimes posthumously.
Herald and Allies: A solar is Heironeous's herald. Allies are hound archons, trumpet archons, and hound archon heroes.
Relics: Helm of the purple plume, sword of virtue beyond reproach.



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