Intermediate God (Lawful Evil)
Hextor is the six-armed god of war, conflict, and destruction. Hextor's worshipers include evil fighters and monks. He sends his followers to commit evil, and their special purpose is to overthrow the followers of his half-brother Heironeous wherever they are found. His titles are Champion of Evil, Herald of Hell, and Scourge of Battle.

Portfolio: Tyranny, war, conflict, fitness.
Domains: Destruction, Domination, Evil, Law, War.
Cleric Training: Hextor's religion is organized in military style, so "superior officers" put would-be clerics through rigorous, harsh training. Only those strong enough to put up with months of abuse become clerics of Hextor. Not surprisingly, they're eager to turn the tables and establish dominance over others.
Quests: Hextor's followers are obsessed with having "lessers" under their heel. They establish themselves as the state religion wherever they can, join the crusades of despotic conquerors, and force local lords to kneel before them.
Prayers: Worshipers of Hextor generally express concepts as laws, such as "The slave shall not contradict the master, for such is the Law of Hextor." They also exclaim, "He will be obeyed!" a lot.
Temples: Hextor's followers build their fortress-temples at mountain passes, river crossings, and other sites of strategic importance. They often have massive forges where they build weapons and armor for those aiding the cause of tyranny.
Rites: The hierarchical structure of Hextor-worship lends itself to a number of rites that honor relationships between two unequal partners, such as master-slave or officer-soldier.
Herald and Allies: Hextor sends a pit fiend to the Material Plane when he needs a herald. Allies are bearded devils, barbed devils, and horned devils.
Relics: Chain of obeisance, gauntlets of the blood-lord.



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