Bind Elemental

( Eberron Campaign Setting, p. 51)

[Item Creation]

You can craft magic items that use bound elementals for special effects, including weapons, armor, airships, and elemental galleons.


caster level 9th, Craft Wondrous Item,


Crafting an item with a bound elemental is similar to making a wondrous item, except that calling and binding an elemental is an integral part of creating the item. All bound-elemental items have a planar binding spell as a prerequisite, but simply casting the spell as part of the item creation is not suffi cient. You must cast the spell normally, using the item that is to hold the elemental and a Khyber dragonshard as a receptacle. The elemental receives its normal saving throw to resist. While the elemental resides in the receptacle, you must compel it to accept bondage in the item by making an opposed Charisma check, as specifi ed in the lesser planar binding spell description. If you are an artifi cer, this feat allows you to cast a planar binding spell by successfully emulating it with a Use Magic Device check (DC 20 + caster level), but only when you attempt to craft a bound-elemental item. In this case, your effective caster level equals your Use Magic Device check result -20 for the purpose of opposing the elemental's attempts to escape. See pages 265-267 for examples of bound-elemental items and vessels.

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