Warning: This is 3.0 Edition material. It is possible that there is more recent 3.5 Edition version.

Ghostwise Halfling

( Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, p. 17)


Size: Small
Base speed: Land 20
Strength: −2
Intelligence: +0
Dexterity: +2
Wisdom: +0
Constitution: +0
Charisma: +0
Level adjustment: +0
Space: 5 feet
Reach: 5 feet
Automatic languages: Common , Halfling , Home Region
Bonus Languages: Chondathan , Elven , Gnoll , Shaaran , Sylvan


Three major subraces of halflings dwell in Faerûn: the lightfoot halflings, the rare ghostwise, and the strongheart halflings of Luiren in the south. Like the rock gnomes, many halflings live among Big Folk in the human lands. They are resourceful and quick, perfectly at home among the sprawling human lands or living apart in their own settled communities.

The halflings' name for their race in Faerûn is the hin, although most accept "halfling" with a shrug and a smile.

The wild, nearly feral ghostwise halflings rarely leave the confines of the deep forsts. Strange and reclusive, they form close-knit communities because of their amazing talents and are uncomfortable with strangers. Like other halflings, they refer to themselves as the hin. They do not have a name for their subrace, because their culture is almost entirely cut off from the outside world and their awareness of other kinds of halflings is very low.


The Chondalwood, south of the Vilhon Reach, is home to a number of ghostwise settlements. Other forests inhabited by these reclusive folk include the Methwood between Chessenta and Unther, and the Forest of Amtar south of the plains of the Shaar.

The ghostwise halfling entry on Table 1-4: Character Regions (FRCS, p. 30) describes a ghostwise halfling from one of these deep forest communities.


Unlike statet in the Player's Handbook, characters in the Forgotten Realms almost always have a patron deity. See FRCS p. 39 for more details.


Racial Traits

Ghostwise halflings have all the halfling racial traits given in Chapter 2 of the Player's Handbook (pp. 15) except as follows:

  • Speak without Sound (Su): A ghostwise halfling, unlike other halflings, can communicate telepathically with any creature within 20 feet, just as if speaking to him or her. The halfling can only speak and listen to one person at a time, and he must share a common language with the other person or creature he speaks to telepathically, or the telepathic link fails.
  • Ghostwise halflings do not receinver the standard halfling +1 racial bonus on all saving throws. They simply are not as lucky as their lightfoot cousins.

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